Sharpening machines, Sanders, Grinders

On Sidermac you can find a wide range of used sharpening, sanding and grinding machines of good quality with which to work better metal surfaces (steel, iron, ...) and other materials, depending on the type of necessary use.

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Sharpening, sanding and grinding machines

Sharpening machines are used to restore the cutting capabilities of worn tools or to build the same capabilities by grinding surfaces and grooves to tools or objects that do not have them. The structure of them varies according to its use, and are divided into:

  •     The Universals are intended for sharpening any type of tool or most ordinary objects;
  •     The Specials are specialized in sharpening only one type of tool (such as twist drills, lathe tools, etc.).

With the sanding machine you can perform the sanding, usually used in the process of finishing surfaces or materials to perfect the accuracy of the shape and size, and to make the base smooth and homogeneous.

The grinding machine is used with discs of different materials and different geometries to remove burrs, smooth welds and cut stone, metals and wood. There are various sizes, with handles of different shapes and suitable for different types of use.
The most common discs are:

  •     Rigid reinforced (for cutting or deburring)
  •     Of amantati (for cutting);
  •     Lamellae (for polishing);
  •     The abrasive wheels (for the abrasion of high thicknesses).

Sidermac Macchine Utensili selects and offers the best machines including sharpeners, grinders or sanders from the Italian market (even from bankruptcies), completely overhauled and refurbished.

Call us for more information or request an inspection to see your machine.

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