Chamfering machines

Chamfering machines

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Chamfering machines are machines designed for chamfering or chamfering using milling cutters.
In some cases chamfering is required for the preparation of welding edges, while in others for aesthetic or safety reasons ( for example for the removal of sharp edges).
The choice of beveler is determined by various factors: the size of the elements, the chamfers to be performed, the quality of finish and the material to be chamfered.

There are different types of chamfering machines:

  •     Automatic chamfering machines for sheet metal
  •     Bench and stand chamfering machines
  •     Portable electric chamfering machines
  •     Portable pneumatic chamfering machines

What is the difference?

Automatic sheet metal chamfering machines are suitable for chamfering sheet metal on straight weld preparation flaps. The chamfering is silent and takes place automatically thanks to a toothed steel cutter positioned and attached to the profile of the sheet

Benchtop and base chamfering machines are suitable for external linear chamfering on medium/small size elements. The procedure is very simple: the workpiece placed on the guides of the machine that goes to make the chamfering is manually moved forward. This process can be automated thanks to the use of a gear motor installed directly on the chamfering machine.

Portable electric bevelers are suitable for many types of bevels, external and internal, linear and shaped, on small and large elements. Chamfering takes place thanks to a widia insert mounted on a cutter body. The machine must be placed on the workpiece and then follow the profile to be smoothed.

Portable pneumatic chamfering machines have the same functionality as portable electric chamfering machines but with a lower chamfering capacity. These types of chamfering machines have advantages such as: lightness, handling and continuity of work.

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