Coilers and Decoilers

On Sidermac you can find both new and used decoilers , sold at affordable prices. The machinery, all in excellent condition and fully functional, deriving from companies subjected to bankruptcy, insolvency procedures or following the termination of a leasing contract, auctions, liquidations or simple disposal.

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The unwinding reels are used for sheet metal processing, or coils, mainly for the construction of feeding lines for hydraulic or mechanical presses, bending presses and sheet metal compactors.
They have different characteristics based on their use, in fact, both the flow rate and the speed of carrying out a given operation affect the type.

These machines guarantee the maintenance of the elasticity of the material and an easier and faster processing of the sheet, favoring the qualitative increase of the production itself.

The machines sold by Sidermac are all of the highest quality, as they are produced by leading companies in the sector such as Iron.

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