Sheet benders, Bending rolls

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In this section you can find solutions for sheet metal calendering, some examples:

  •      2 roll calenders
  •      3 mechanical rollers calenders
  •      3-roller hydraulic calenders
  •      4 hydraulic rollers calenders
  •      calenders with variable axes

The machines proposed here can possibly be supplied with a guarantee or it is possible to offer a solution for a new calender built according to the characteristics required by the customer.

Some examples of sectors of use:

  •      carpentry
  •      kettles or pressure vessels
  •      cisterns
  •      Earth moving machines
  •      silos
  •      tubes
  •      pumps, burners and filters
  •      heating and ventilation
  •      wind towers
  •      rounded bottoms
  •      metal structures
  •      naval
  •      offshore

If you do not find the product you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask us, our sales representatives will be happy to offer a suitable solution!

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