Guillotine shears

Sidermac offers a selection of Shears , both new and used, at a lower price than the market price, as the machinery on the site comes from companies subjected to bankruptcy, insolvency procedures or following the interruption of a leasing contract, auctions, liquidations or simple disposal.

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New or used hydraulic shears

The shear is a type of tool or machinery used for cutting sheet metal. Depending on the structure and thickness of the sheet, different types of this machine can be used:

  •      mechanical shear;
  •      hydraulic shear;
  •      guillotine shear.

Sidermac is an authorized importer for INANLAR, a Turkish manufacturer of high quality machinery, with Bosch and Siemens components.

The shears in this category, both new and used, are produced by the best companies in the sector, including Baykal, Colgar, Mariani, Indumac, which guarantee quality machinery suitable for the different needs of our customers.

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