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In this Sidermac page you will have the opportunity to identify and buy, at the best opportunity, strong>plasma cutting systems/strong> both em>strong>new/strong>/em> and em>strong>used/strong>/em>.

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Plasma cutting is an economical and very efficient type of processing on many categories of materials such as:

  •     Aluminum alloys
  •     Copper alloys
  •     Low carbon steels
  •     Stainless steel

Plasma cutting systems allow you to make a clean cut through the emission of gas (plasma) on the desired area, obtaining excellent results with sharp edges and without burrs. There are many advantages obtained thanks to the use of this machine, such as cutting speed and a profitable cost-benefit ratio.

The plasma cutting system has mainly developed in the sectors of:

  •     Cutting of metal sheets
  •     Cutting of thick slabs
  •     Cutting of stainless steel, carbon and aluminum sheets.

In Sidermac you will find excellent quality plasma cutting systems, such as: DECA, HELVI, LINCOLN and more.

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