Radial drills

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Radial drills are tools characterized by a solid base on which is positioned a rod with a sliding carriage including a drill head that allows you to obtain a precise and deep hole. All combined with the maximum control and stability of the machine.
The radial drill is a work tool mainly used to perform activities of:

  •     Drilling
  •     Boring
  •     Countersinking
  •     Tapping
  •     Counterbore

The head of the radial drill has great freedom of movement and this feature allows you to work on objects with an awkward and cumbersome shape as well as on pieces that have bulky dimensions.

Sidermac offers excellent working machines with good structure, precision and high performance with maximum safety. They are equipment that comes from the best companies on the Italian market, including:

  •     MECOF
  •     SIBIMEX
  •     BREDA
  •     CSEPEL
  •     INVEMA

The used radial drills are supplied checked and in working order.

Contact us for more information or come and visit us to evaluate the most suitable drill for your work!

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