Transformamos suas máquinas-ferramentas antigas em instalações modernas com acesso à Indústria 4.0 e instalações relacionadas!


Over the years, Sidermac Machine Tools s.r.l. has overhauled, rebuilt, transformed and retrofitted many medium and large chip removal machine tools.

Vertical lathes with working diameters up to 6/8 meters, movable upright milling machines and portal have been transformed and overhauled in our workshop and work in countries such as the USA, India and many European countries.

The machines are not only mechanically and electronically overhauled, but can be customized as the final customer wishes.

In addition, there is the possibility of installing Industry 4.0 with access to the related facilities.

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Below we report some of the machines that have been retrofitted or completely rebuilt by our staff in recent years.

Positioners LAMBERT & JOUTY - total capacity 1.000 ton (500+500 ton).

Roller diameter 800 mm
Roller width 420 mm



Roller positioners BODE (capacity 250 ton)

Overhaul (2016)


Cradle positioners BODE mod. VT 1000 (portata 50 ton)

Overhaul in the finishing phase(2016).

Installed and tested


Roller positioners NQA CZE 2000T(capacity 2.000 ton), nr.02 installed in Italia

Positioners retrofitted and mechanically adapted according to the needs of our customer.


Vertical lathe PENSOTTI, CNC ECS, machine is installed in Italy

This lathe of exceptional quality has been transformed into mechanics and the electrical / electronic part, for the installation of a numerical control with C axis. All the systems have been designed and adapted to the new performance of the machine.


Mobile column boring machine TOS mod. WD130B- CNC SIEMENS 840D, machine is installed in INDIA.

Machine sold to an important Indian customer, who has decided to entrust us with the task of retrofitting the machine. Important changes have been made since the machine was conventional with the odds display only. All the systems have been redesigned and built new. The electrical system has been installed on the upright to make the machine more compact and at the same time faster to disassemble and reassemble. On the rotary table the components have been installed to cancel the mechanical error. The final performance of the machine has increased a lot compared to the origin.


Vertical lathe  KOLOMNA mod. KU514F1

Machine completely revised and redesigned with hydrodynamic support plateau, axis C, n. 2 controlled wagons with tool change. Capacity on the table of 100 tons and useful vertical of 3.000 mm. STANIMUC tested machine.


Vertical lathe KOLOMNA mod. 1540T, CNC SIEMENS 840D, installed in Italy

CNC Siemens 840D
Working diameter 4100 mm
Working height 2500mm
Load capacity 100 ton


Heavy parallel latheSAFOP 1.300x12.000 CNC FAGOR 8055T, machine installed in Italy.



Portal milling machine JOBS MULTINORMA CNC SIEMENS 840D, machine installed in Pune, India.


Parallel lathe MERLI mod. CLOVIS 70

Machine under rebuilding
Centres height 900 mm
Centres distance 7.000 mm
Max workin over bench1.850 mm
Spindle taper ASA A1 15"
Speeds 300 RPM


SORALUCE mobile column milling machine mod. SP 10000, machine installed in Austria

Equipped with automatic head and Heidenhain digital control unit mod. TNC 430M with SW2 increase of the rapid feeds of the longitudinal axis X to 25 m / min with the system of the double pinion-rack - SW3 increase of the rapid advances of the vertical Y axis and transversal Z to 25 m / min with hydraulic preparation for equipment.

X - axis travel 8.500 mm
Y - axis travel 2.000 mm
Z - axis travel 1.200 mm
Table surface 10.000 x 1.100 mm



Construction of special equipment for boring machines, milling machines, vertical lathes


Tornio frontale “WMW ZERBST” mod. DP4000/5000, macchina installata in Germania.

Distance centers  22.000 mm 

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