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Profile bending machines are used to bend profiles in industrial sectors.
What are the characteristics of a profile bending machine?

The profile bending machine is an extremely versatile machine and allows the processing of different shapes thanks to its equipment and according to the various programming.

They are characterized by a very sturdy structure (usually in cast iron) in which the driving rollers are inserted, the number of which can vary according to the model (usually the rollers are 3). All rollers are equipped with self-aligning bearings which aim to minimize the friction between the metal parts that come into contact.
This aspect aims to increase the life and performance of the machine over time.
What are the sectors of use of the profile bending machine?

The profile bending machine is a very popular and requested machine in many product sectors, in particular in the sector:

  •     naval
  •     building
  •     automotive
  •     furniture

Its use ranges from the processing of pipes or beams, up to metal profiles (steel or aluminum) or plastic materials (PVC).

It is generally used in the creation of facade profiles with a great variety of distinct shapes and sizes.
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