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In this Sidermac category you can discover our selection of universal milling machines , both new and used, but all of excellent quality and at very economical prices .

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Milling machines are machine tools used in machining for chip removal, with the aim of giving some metal surfaces (or other materials) more or less complex shapes (eg: flat, cylindrical, conical, spherical, etc.). The operation involves the use of cutters (special rotating tools with sharp edges), which are fixed to a motor by means of a mandarin and rotate around their axis to remove a part of the metal piece.

Milling is usually done in two stages. It starts with roughing, which is used to quickly remove a large volume of material, in order to save time and money. We then move on to the finishing, which allows you to erode a small amount of metal in order to give it the desired shape and characteristics.

There are different types of milling machines:

  •     Horizontal milling machines: the mandarin is positioned horizontally.
  •     Vertical milling machines: the mandarin axis is oriented vertically.
  •     Special milling machines: used in particular situations, for example when you have to make keys, notches or grooves.
  •     Numerical control automatic milling machines (CNC): very precise and useful when the surfaces to be machined are complex.   No human intervention is necessary, because the tools are replaced thanks to an automatic system.
  •     Universal milling machines: provide for the combination of the functions of horizontal and vertical milling machines.

The advantage of these plants is that they are capable of making any type of shape and can also be used with the same function as drilling, boring and threading machines. Moreover, thanks to its high precision, it is possible to use the milling machine to finish semi-finished products obtained from a different process at a later time.

If you are looking for precise machinery in the processing of complex surfaces, the universal milling machines proposed by Sidermac are what you need. These are economical but no less performing solutions, as they are provided by brands in the sector such as: DART, INDUMA, FERMAT, STANKO, FIL, SIBIMEX, HERMLE, DARJE, GUALDONI, MECHANICY, OERLIKON, ZEUS.

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